Marvel To Relaunch Spider-Man? Or Marvelman? “Superior” Teaser



A new Marvel Now! teaser has hit the net with “Superior.”

With “Superior” it could be an obivious reference to Mark Millar, as previously Millar put out the Superior comic book with Leinil Francis Yu under Marvel’s ICON banner.

However, I did think that Mark Millar was only doing his creator-owned stuff, and as of this past June, basically said that the creative aspects at Marvel had gone downhill in addition to stating that both Marvel and DC Comics were in a “boring period.”

Maybe Marvel wised up and brought back Mark Millar?

Getting back to the Superior tease, it could be a reference to some sort of version of a Superman, as that’s what Millar’s Superior was a take on. It’s being thrown around the net that it could be Marvelman, with interestingly enough, Marvel having acquired sole rights to the character.

However, there is one more theory being thrown around, and that is the teaser is about rebooting Spider-Man, as more on “Superior” will be coming out of the NYCC, and as MultiversityComics notes, what better way to announce a relaunch of Spider-man than in NYC.