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Marvel Preview: The Annihilators #2 “Talk To The Hat” w/Tom Brevoort

Marvel Preview: The Annihilators #2 “Talk To The Hat” w/Tom Brevoort


I’ll just borrow a page, but you can head on over to our friends at CBR for more.

This week, saw Tom Brevoort’s column, “Talk To The Hat,” answer some fan questions.

As Tom mentioned the Mad Titan, Thanos, on his form spring – a reader was wondering if Nova and Star-Lord would be coming back, as well.

Per the norm – Marvel didn’t tell us jack — but did release preview pics from The Annihilators and Rocket and Groot #2 – but the Surfer is shown with ears! (I’ll save my comments for the review).

James Hunter caught a note of interest, saying “I read, on your formspring site (a bit of promotion for you there!) that Thanos is coming back. What I would like to know is how likely it is either Nova or Starlord will be coming back with him? (personally, I’d like to see Rich back, especially if Nick Spencer were to decide he wants to re-use him in SECRET AVENGERS)”

Brevoort: Sorry, James, but at this point I’m afraid you’re asking for spoilers, and I’m not typically going to give those out, sorry. As it is, I may have said too much just mentioning Thanos. So you’re going to have to wait and see, I’m afraid.

But I’m guessing you’re a cosmic fan, so here’s a look at some of the cool stuff happening in “Annhilators” #2.

Couple other things worth mentioning from the article: Mephisto will have a role in “Fear Itself” in the new Journey Into Myster, and the eight issue mini Alpha Flight, from Fred Van Lente, Greg Pak and Dale Eaglsham will be “Fear Itself: Alpha Flight.” Not sure if that has been mentioned.

Regarding “Fear Itself,” Tom cleared it up that this isn’t some sort of fantasty mind manipulation thing where the heroes greatest fears seemingly become real ie. Nightmare creating real life nightmares. It’s more like how the heroes deal with a given situation with the world being at war. 

To be honest, I’m still not sure what it is about.

Tom also comments on a fan stating he isn’t really a fan of Bendis’ Avengers and stopped reading. I’ve noticed a similar bit of chatter across the net with Tom responding on Form Spring about that, as well.

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