Marvel Mandate: Thor: Mightiest One There Is?


picI’m in my gossip and rumor mode right now, so bear with me!

I’ve been noticing that all the powerful characters in the Marvel stable have been either disappearing, getting depowered or meeting their makers.

Save Thor.

Let’ see…

Adam Warlock and Drax of the Guardians of the Galaxy – adios’d.

Nova – vanished.

Silver Surfer – depowered.

The Sentry – gone.

Incredible Hercules – depowered.

Hulk – I believe after battling Zeus, is licking his wounds and not up to his regular power set? (though I haven’t caught up on the current Savage Land arc, yet.)

Red Hulk – has been getting pwned by just about everybody as of late. He did lose his “absorbing powers,” but recently got them back – only to be pwned again by nanites.

Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Ronan and Gladiator – got their butts handed to them by a Spaceknight – and just don’t look right.

Doctor Strange – depowered.

New Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, – sacrificed.

Doctor Doom – depowered/lost his genius I think?

What’s Magneto’s current status?

Am I forgetting anyone else?

However, to be fair, Odin may be stripping Thor of his own power or at least imprisoning him during Fear Itself. Guess, well see, but with a movie right around the corner – Thor is currently the mightiest one there is.

Speaking of “Mighty” go check out a preview from Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel for The Mighty Thor #1!.