Marvel Launches Morbius: The Living Vampire Ongoing: Just In Time For Amazing Spider-Man 2?



With the Thanos re-origin story getting put on the back burner, Joe Keatinge will now be bringing Morbius: The Living Vampire to life at Marvel.

Announced at the Toronto Fan Expo, the new ongoing begins in January with Journey Into Mystery‘s Rich Elson on art chores.

As seen in the last arc of Amazing Spider-Man, which featured the Lizard, Morbius attempted to cure Dr. Connors, but something went awfully wrong with Morbius going on a blood spree.

But first, Morbius will be featured in December’s Amazing Spider-Man #699.1, written by Keatinge, which will serve as a good starting point for new readers.

“This is our #0 issue,” Keatinge tells CBR. “If you’ve never read a Morbius comic book in your life, everything you will need to know is in this comic: who he is, why he’s a Living Vampire, just what his role in Spider-Man’s world is. It’s a Morbius primer in every way.”

Keatinge also clues readers in about Morbius‘ world and the general theme of the book.

“He descends into a part of the Marvel Universe we have never seen before; a weirder part. It seems like it’s a haven for people like him — freaks and outcasts too weird for even the X-Men — but it gets far more disturbing and dangerous than he could ever have predicted.

“Things have gotten really, really messed up for Michael Morbius and it just gets worse from there. He’s got a lot to suffer through, a lot of sins that catch up with him. It’s not pretty,” Keatinge said.

On a side note, it’s been theorized that the Amazing Spider-Man movie’s post-credit scene features Morbius, and now Marvel is launching an ongoing series with Morbius — a more obscure character, something Marvel hasn’t been doing much as of late unless it’s movie related. 

Could be, this is a strong indicator that Morbius will be featured in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

Marvel, as of late, has been mirroring their movie universe more and more, such as the change to the new Nick Fury who resembles Samuel L. Jackson, as well as The Lizard featured in the Amazing Spider-Man comic. In addition Avengers Assemble was launched for The Avengers movie, Guardians of the Galaxy in Assemble in conjunction with the movie announcement, and many other examples.