Marvel Kills Off DnA’s Spoiler In Infinity #1



Add another to the list of characters that Marvel has either rebooted, done away with or killed off in relation to the Annihilation era.

Spoilers follow.

Joining Richard Rider and Darkhawk (might as well add the Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova), DnA’s Spaceknight from Annihilators gets the axe (or is that axeled?) with Ikon.

Actually the entire planet of Galador gets blown to bits, so any hope of Rom is lost as well.

The Builders send their invading force to Galador where a group of Spaceknights are defending the planet. Successfully by the looks of it, too.

Captain Universe is there just looking on stating “it’s” going to happen, so does nothing to stop “it.”

The Builders end up using some sort of world bomb.


There goes Galador as well as the Spaceknights and Ikon.

And I don’t think they are coming back because all that was left was about as much as was shown with Alderaan in Star Wars.

Nice knowing ya.

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