Marvel – Just stick DnA on Avengers


Quasar takes a knee to the nards, courtesy new Spaceknight – Ikon.

Spoilers for today’s Avengers #11 issue.

After I read Avengers #10, I swore off all Bendis related Avenger titles. I’m not a big fan of Romita Jr.’s art as it is, and that particular issue of Avengers was not fit to be bagged and boarded, imo.

However, today I went to the LCS and paged through Avengers #11, and lo and behold just who appears in the last page?

Tom Brevoort teased that the big guy would be returning, but in all honesty, I didn’t think this quick.

Yeah, I bought the issue.

Avengers #11 sees the Mad Titan Thanos return – with the soul gem in hand – almost five months (I think) after the events of The Thanos Imperative #6, which saw Thanos, Nova and Star-Lord seemingly vanish — forever!

Okay, maybe not forever.

Now we see that Thanos has somehow made his way to the Astral Plane where he grabbed the gem that was protected by the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.

I have no problem with any of that as the news that Thanos has returned offers hope we might get to see Rich and Pete — sooner rather than later. Right, Tom? Plus, Thanos is awesome.

However, as our beloved cosmic titles, similar to Nova and Star-Lord, are seemingly in kaputsville – this got me thinking about DnA’s run the past few years and their various story arcs.

• DnA’s first major Marvel Cosmic event, Annihilation: Conquest, saw Lord Ultron attempting to take over the cosmos – and at the same time, I believe, was appearing in The Mighty Avengers in a more fashionable form.

• DnA used Kang the Conqueror and Killraven during Guardians of the Galaxy, briefly, with both having appeared in the brand spakin’ new Avengers.

Avengers #12.1 sees the appearance of a Spaceknight, who we see, currently in — The Annihilators.

• Heck, not Avengers related, but ya can’t tell me the X-Office didn’t grab the Phoenix Force from Rachel during Kingbreaker. Don’t forget about the High Evolutionary, as well — X-Office grabbed him to repower Magneto.

• Now we get Thanos in Avengers #11, while The Annihilators, literally – take a knee to the nuts.

Sounds about right, wouldn’t you say?