Marvel Fears Thanos! Tom Brevoort on the Mad Titan



We saw the return of the Mad Titan known as Thanos during Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s fan-favorite Guardians of the Galaxy (GoTG) – and then into the successful six issue mini known as The Thanos Imperative (TI).

As we saw in TI #6, with the Cancerverse defeated and Thanos threatening to return to the ours, Guardians of the Galaxy leader Peter Quill, Star-Lord, and Nova Prime, Richard Rider, made the ultimate sacrifce literally sealing away all their fates to stop Thanos.

However, as we have seen in the past – you can’t just keep a bad Titan down, can ya?!

Sales for TI, are what I would call exceptional, as the mini sold better than both Nova and GoTG – better than the Marvel Cosmic event running alongside – Chaos War, and better than any of the recent “cosmic” Thor titles.

While I think it to be a combination of great storytelling on the part of DnA, giving the fans what they want in the form of the “Cosmic Avengers” (with Nova!), and the inclusion of an all-star cast of bad guys — Marvel has taken notice.


And they have noticed one in particular – Thanos!

Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing, Tom Brevoort, has stated we will be seeing more from Thanos via his popular Form Spring account.

When asked about any plans in the near future, for the former wielder of the Infinity Guantlet, Brevoort responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes! Wait and see!”

The following questions immediately came to mind:

So, we know that Thanos will be escaping his current exile – will Richard Rider and Peter Quill?

How will Marvel use Thanos? In a Bendis Avengers title?

Will DnA get to ride the cosmic spaceways once again with Nova and Star-Lord?

Will the Dire Wraiths, in The Annihilators, be responsible for the return of the Being responsible for killing half the Universe – or will it be because of The Annihilators?

Will Jeph Loeb be involved in a “big budget” Thanos book? Or Nova?

Of course, with Marvel’s “biggest event” on the horizon – will Thanos of Titan be the “Itself” in Fear Itself? Or at least somehow part of it?

I’ll answer each question the way many of my Cosmic inquiries to Marvel ED have been returned:

“Look to the skies!”

Tom – we haven’t stopped!

Look for Thanos to return to the Marvel U. soon!