Marvel Doesn’t Want Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man



With Marvel and Sony said to be in talks for Spider-Man to come to the MCU, further details have come to light.

Earlier, it was learned that Sam Raimi participated in talks with Sony, and that Captain America directors Joe and Anthony Russo had offered their services to be on board as producers.

Now Marvel’s plans for Spider-Man have possibly become known as Latino Review has a rumor that Marvel would reboot the franchise.

It’s said Marvel doesn’t want anything to do with Marc Webb or even Sam Raimi’s previous films, and would reboot Spider-Man with a new actor focusing on the character’s teenage issues with less romance and no origin story.

It’s stated Marvel feels the romance themes in Spider-Man have been done to death; however, it’s said Amy Pascal of Sony Pictures wasn’t happy with the idea of getting rid of Andrew Garfield as she supports the studios’ choice of actors.

It’s noted that Pascal may not have a choice, which is what she said when e-mails revealing a conversation with the former head of WB movies, Jeff Robinov, became known.

According to another report, Sony is due to have a Spider-Man summit in January to get things on the right path. Whether that involves Marvel in any capacity is currently unknown.

Update: More e-mails have become known revealing plans for a Spider-Man movie in 2017 and more.