Marvel Creating More Avengers-Style Facebook Games; Fred Van Lente May Be Writing


avengers allianceMarvel recently launched their Avengers Alliance Facebook game which has already amassed close to 1,000,000 players.

And I already have a couple hundred requests from various Assemblers asking for assistance.

Well, Avengers Alliance looks to be the first of many Facebook games as the game pages states just that: “the first of many.”

In addition, it looks as if Marvel Comics writer Fred Van Lente will be writing them.

On the game’s Facebook page the following is found:

Avengers Alliance is just the beginning of an epic storyline, continued across all Marvel XP games, unlike anything you’ve experienced before in games. Your progress and actions in Marvel XP enabled games like Avengers Alliance unlock new exclusive content:
-Earn Award badges for your feats and victories.
-Compile Dossiers on the allies you’ve recruited and the enemies you’ve defeated.
-Receive News bulletins about the unfolding events in an epic, multi-game storyline.
-Chart your adventure throughout the entire Marvel Gaming Universe.
And Van Lente tweeted the following as well:

Fred! I hope you are writing a cosmic game! Annihilation would rock! With Richard Rider as Nova! Not the faker! 

(via Comics Alliance)