Marvel Cosmic Event Coming By Starlin?; Abnett’s Guardians 3000 Exceeds Expectations



No surprise to the loyal Marvel Cosmic fans, but once again, Marvel Editorial has underestimated Marvel Cosmic.

While it didn’t come with 30 variant covers, it seems as if Abnett’s Guardians 3000 did pretty decent sales-wise, contrary to snarky statements by Tom Brevoort.

Marvel EIC Axel Alonso in his weekly column at CBR made mention that “orders exceeded our expectations.”

Alonso also offered that Guardians 3000 was a book that took him by surprise this week, and that he singled out the series at an editorial meeting.

Marvel was also previously surprised by the success of Abnett and Lanning’s The Thanos Imperative, which nabbed the top spot at the time for trade paperback sales.

Jim Starlin’s original Thanos: The Infinity Revelation graphic novel recently topped the charts as well, which is why Marvel is going with the Thanos Vs. Hulk story as a separate four-issue series. More on that in a bit.

Now for some potential bad news.

Alonso also teased that at the upcoming New York Comic-Con, a Marvel Cosmic event would be announced.

The fan’s question referenced Annihilation, which started with the Drax series 10 years ago next year.

Then Platitude asks: “Hello! Will we see any events strictly for cosmic books, something in the style of ‘Annihilation’?”

Alonso: Keep your ears peeled for an announcement at the Cup O’Joe Panel at New York Comic Con, on Saturday, October 11.

If you have been a fan of Marvel Cosmic since Annihilation (or prior), you know why I refer to that as bad news. Obviously, we all know that DnA’s Guardians of the Galaxy inspired the multi-million dollar Marvel Studios movie (yet the guys at Marvel Comics are still surprised by the stuff), and we also know the 2008 Guardians (and everything else) was cancelled because of the movie — replaced by Bendis and Loeb’s versions of the characters. So it’s definitely a possibility that the next Marvel Cosmic event could feature Bendis at the helm with his Guardians as well as Loeb’s NINO Nova, which has been shoehorned into every event and then some.

However, there is one other possibility that I managed to dig up. 


Jim Starlin recently made a coy remark in an interview with CBR, which lit a few lightbulbs in my head. Now coupled with Alonso hinting we may get a Marvel Cosmic event similar to Annihilation, my theory is that Jim Starlin will be helming a new Marvel Cosmic event. 

Starlin stated: “With the completion of ‘Thanos Vs. Hulk,’ I have the Titan, Warlock, Pip, Blastaar and Annihilus positioned exactly where I want them to be for my next Marvel tale, which I am currently working on. But it’s too early to talk about it.”

Sure sounds similar to Annihilation with mention of Annihilus.

I actually tweeted something a while back: I said Starlin, Abnett, Lanning and Ron Marz should be the Marvel Cosmic version of the architects (maybe the cosmic dream team?). Recently, Ron Marz teamed with Lanning on the Guardians of the Galaxy 100 thanniversary issue.

A Marvel Cosmic event featuring all four writers would be truly incredible.

Another bonus is that Guardians of the Galaxy movie co-writer Nicole Perlman is said to be writing Marvel Cosmic in the future on a Gamora solo title.

Update: Jim Starlin says a big announcement is coming.