Marvel Cosmic Bomb #3: Thanos Rising #1 Compared To Simpsons & Phantom Menace



They say three’s a charm — or better yet three strikes and you are out!

And it looks as if the new Axel Alonso Marvel Cosmic is definitely OUT.

Jeph Loeb has already been announced to be leaving Nova with only two issues in the bag.

A new artist comes on board Guardians of the Galaxy with #4.

A new writer comes on board Guardians of the Galaxy with #5.

Now, tomorrow sees the new Thanos Rising origin from Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi.

And it looks like another bomb.

Newsarama has an advanced review up where they actually compare the book to the Simpsons and Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menance.

You really can’t get any worse than that.

After reading this issue, I couldn’t decide who young Thanos reminded me most of: Milhouse of the Simpsons, Bad Luck Brian, or prequel-era Anakin Skywalker. 

Wait. Actually you can as they even compare Thanos Rising to a kid on a chess team — with head gear:

In a lot of ways, Thanos Rising #1 feels like we’re looking at Saddam Hussein’s high school yearbook and seeing a doofy kid wearing headgear on the chess team. It feels more funny than frightening, and it still lacks that human connection to invest us. I still believe Thanos is primed to become the A-list villain of the Marvel Universe… but anecdotes like these certainly don’t help.

Thanos Rising #1 is at your local comic shop tomorrow.