Marvel Comics Reveals New Iron Man Armor


In case you didn’t know, Tony Stark will be Iron Man no more as Matt Fraction introduces an all-new Iron Man in the upcoming “Long Way Down” storyline.

This all begins in May’s Invincible Iron Man #516.

“As we’ll see at the end of ”˜Demon,’ General Babbage, [Tony’s] primary antagonist at the Pentagon, and Justine Hammer of HAMMER Industries, present Tony with an ultimatum,” Matt Fraction told “Accepting it is the only way he can remain in control of the Iron Man without losing everything. And Tony very quickly finds that arrangement to be unacceptable. The ramifications of that are what ”˜Long Way Down’ is all about.”
“So basically–Tony quits,” Fraction said.
So with Tony quitting, just who will take up the mantle? Well, that is unknown, but a teaser was revealed which features brand new armor, along with the description:
“Iron Man” teaser hints at the character’s post-“AvX” future
New Iron Man
(Via CBR)