Marvel Comics Has No Plans To Bring Back Wolverine



You always hear fans complain about the fact that while a character gets killed off in the comics, the character comes back a month later (or right in time for the next movie).

Marvel is killing of Wolverine, which kicks off next Wednesday with the first issue.

If you thought Logan was coming back anytime soon, think again, as at Fan Expo Canada, writer Charles Soule lets it be known there are no plans to bring back Wolverine – at least until 2016 (via Bleeding Cool).

“The idea is not to bring him back. This isn’t one of those stories where he’s back in two weeks. The point is to tell an awesome ending story for Wolverine. I’m not gonna say he will never be brought back. I will say for sure that I’m very involved in all the Wolverine related discussions at Marvel right now and the thing we have not talked about at all is how to bring him back and I’m involved in discussions for stuff out into 2016 at this point.”

Regarding 2016, that does see the next X-Men movie come out with X-Men: Apocalypse, so unless the rumors of Disney and Fox being at odds are true, Wolverine would probably be back by then to capitalize on the new movie hype.

The rumor has it that Disney/Marvel CEO stockholder Ike Permutter is not happy with Fox, which is stated to have been the reason for no X-Men: Days Of Future Past merchandise as well as the rumors of all the Fantastic Four titles getting cancelled and the Inhumans replacing the X-Men/mutants in the Marvel comic book universe.

Soule did state a new series will be coming up dealing with the ramifications of Wolverine’s death in the Marvel U.

“And we’re also doing another series that runs in parallel with it called Logan’s Legacy” which will look at the Marvel universe without Wolverine. Specifically they will look at Sabretooth, X-23, Mystique, and the unknown lead of the Weapon X project book who is “a guy who is kind of intertwined with a huge bad guy from Wolverine’s history. I can’t talk about any details, but when we revisit this next year and you know what all these things are I hope you’ll be as excited about it as I am. There are big plans to do everything except bring him back.”