Marvel Comics Gives Spider-Woman A New Costume


Following the controversial Milo Manara variant cover to Spider-Woman #1 that was released last month, Marvel has now updated the costume for the character.

It’s unknown if the two are relelated, but it’s the first costume change for Spider-Woman in almost 40 years.

USA Today reports the costume change (by artist Kris Anka) will first been seen in the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game before hitting the comics in March.

As noted, instead of Spider-Woman wearing head-to-toe spandex, the costume now includes “a lot more leather, black pants, two-toned gloves and a jacket that goes from streetwear to spider-bedecked superhero gear in just a few snaps.”

Marvel also recently changed the weight of Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers at the request of the character’s writer.