Marvel Comics: DnA on New Mutants (#25) starting in May



Marvel held one of their conference calls yesterday and we learned that fan-favorite cosmic scribes, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, will be on New Mutants starting with issue #25 come May.

In their first arc, they tackle Nate “X-Man” Grey and also Blink. Also, the Starjammers seen in DnA’s War of Kings will be coming into play.

According to CBR:

The book under DnA’s watch will start with an arc called “Unfinished Business” where the team will track down mutants who have been off the map including Nate “X-Man” Grey and Blink. “In past X-continuity, there have been big stories erupting around events from the past,” said Lanning. As leader of the mutants, Cyclops sets the New Mutants team out to nullify potential threats born from the X-Men’s past.

Regarding Nate and :

Particularly with Nate Grey “X-Man, knowing the level of his power set, is a great one to start off with,” said Abnett. “He’s X-Royalty that needs to be relocated. He can’t just be left hanging in the wind,” said Lanning. “The last time we saw him, he was being taken off to be hooked up to the Dark Beast’s machines.”

On the Starjammers, Marvel Editor Nick Lowe informs us:

Asked whether the Starjammer characters of Havok, Polaris and Marvel Girl might be a loose end to tie up, the writers deferred to Lowe who said “In the next calendar year, you will see your #1 pals Alex, Lorna and Rachel.”

Leandro Fernandez will be on as artist who is responsible for the latest New Mutants teaser.

For more, head on over to CBR.

Looks, like I am going to be a darn and dirty mutie lover now! Actually, the premise of this sounds pretty good and Dna are experts in handling powerful characters such as Nate. Should be good!

New Mutants #25 hits in May!