Marvel Comics Adapting Civil War Novel By Stuart Moore


civil warThis June will see Civil War take Novel form written by Stuart Moore.

The Civil War book will be the first of a series, as Marvel adapts their most popular stories into prose novels.

“Releasing our most acclaimed graphic novels as prose fiction not only allows us to reach a different audience with these stories, but also gives us a chance to bring those readers back to the comics that started it all,” said David Gabriel, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marvel Entertainment. “CIVIL WAR is easily our best-selling graphic novel of the past decade and certainly one of the most influential in recent memory, so it was the perfect launch title for this new line. Not only will you get all the action that Mark Millar and Steve McNiven delivered in comic form but  no fan will want to miss the new wrinkles we’ve added in this novel.”

Could be interesting.

Maybe we’ll get an Annihilation adaptation!