Marvel Cancels Kids Books; Marvel Adventures line: “Spider-Man” and “Super Heroes”



Turns out Brian Clevinger was right after all.

Way back in January of this year, Clevinger stated that his Marvel All Ages Captain America: The Fighting Avenger would be one of the last of the line as they just aren’t profitable.

Marvel VP of Sales, David Gabriel, fired back that the “all ages titles have great success well outside of the direct market, as well as the success they have with individual stores within the direct market.”

Likewise, Tom Brevoort stated that it was “absolutely not true.”

While Marvel didn’t put out anymore new All Ages books similar to what Clevinger was doing — and the Marvel Editor on the All Ages line, Nate Cosby, departed Marvel — their Spider-Man and Super Heroes children comics continued on.

Well not anymore, according to the Marvel March 2012 Solicits.

Both Spider-Man and Super Heroes end with #24.

Marvel has been trimming back a lot as of late, but you would think a Kids Line of comics would be a good idea.

Of course Marvel thinks so as well, and when CBR reached out to them they stated, “We remain committed to our all ages books and have some exciting plans you’ll be hearing more about shortly.” 

I’m guessing a children’s based line of comics mirroring the direction they are taking all their titles, meaning: Avengers, Spider-Man and maybe even X-Men comics are coming for the kiddies.

DC also recently cancelled Tiny Titans, with news of a new kids comic, “Superman Family Adventures.”