Marvel Cancels Daken: Dark Wolverine


picAnother Marvel titled has been axed as Axel Alonso announced on his weekly column at CBR that Daken: Dark Wolverine will be canceled.

Daken joins the ranks of X-23, Black Panther, PunisherMax, Alpha Flight, Iron Man 2.0 and another book by Daken scribe, Rob Williams, Ghost Rider.

In addition, a few mini series that were announced are never going to be solicited, including the Destroyers mini, which has the first two issues just about compeleted, and Victor Von Doom.

Could Marvel be feeling the heat from the DC Comics reboot that saw DC take the top market share for September and an October that saw them take over 50% of the market share?

Or could Marvel just be trimming their line in preparation of launching even more titles using their big named characters?

Little of both?