Marvel Announces Alpha Flight by Pak, Van Lente and Eaglesham



Marvel held a “Next Big Thing” press conference earlier and revealed a new Alpha Flight eight issue mini from writers Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak with art by Dale Eaglesham hitting this June. Phil Jimenez will be the artist behind the cover for the first issue. There will be a .1 issue with art by Ben Oliver in May, as well.

As we saw in Chaos War, Alpha Flight was resurrected and helped to take down the minions of the Chaos King.

Greg Pak tells us sometime will have passed after the events that took place during Chaos War and that you haven’t need to read that to jump onboard Alpha Flight. Same goes with the past Alpha Flight books, there will be things in there for old time fans, but needing to read those is not necessary.

Fred Van Lente fills us in on that a change of government in Canada caused by “Fear Itself” leads Alpha Flight to be the country’s “greatest traitors,” to go on the run and try to find out who or what is behind the government take over.

“The new series will explore what happens when the government you work for starts doing things you don’t like? It’s about your relationship to the government vs. your country vs. its people.”

Confirmed characters include: Guardian, Vindicator, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, Aurora and Northstar.

As the Canadian govt goes “crazy,” they note a benefit of this taking place in Canada is that it only effects one book, if it was done in the U.S. – it would need to effect every title.

“Fred also wants to emphasize that this is the original team from UNCANNY X-MEN #120.”

What about Puck? Greag Pak stated, “If you add the book to your pull list, you may be pleasantly surprised.”

“Will there be a central antagonist? Yes, but they need to phrase it in a very non-spoiler way. The government turns against Alpha Flight, but some members of Alpha Flight side with the government. “

Regarding guest appearances, the panel was mum – but did say one of these four will be appearing and we may be surprised by which one: Wolverine, Namor, the X-Men and/or the Avengers.

The book will have a modern feel and will be compelling to readers today. It’s not a spoof book, it’s a crazy action adventure thriller with a big canvas.”

Look for Alpha Flight #1 from Fred Van Lente, Greg Pak and Dale Eaglesham in June and the .1 issue in May!