Marvel Announces Age Of Ultron; Reminds Bendis Of Infinity Gauntlet


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4155:]]Marvel officially announced and unveiled artwork for the long anticipated series from Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch, Age of Ultron.

The series will be ten issues with all the issues shipping starting in March and ending in June.

New artists Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco will be coming on board half way through, with the reason being that it’s story driven.

Bendis said the story sees Ultron fulfilling his dream to take over the world, which starts from page one with Ultron succeeding in that goal.

Bryan Hitch did the art on issues one through five, with all those issues shipping in March and April.

Will be more like House of M and won’t be a budget buster with all the tie-ins.

Bendis compares it to Infinity Gauntlet, “It reminds me of ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ in that these events are so outrageous.”

Tie-ins will be no more than one issue and only effect 6 or 7 titles, with ten tin-in comics in total. The tie-ins will also be extra issues, similar to the “.1” titles, but with “AU” ie Fantastic Four #6.AU. 

Vision is a big part of the story with Moon Knight also mentioned as playing a prominent role.

Via CBR:

“Out last pages are so shocking that there are literally only six people in the whole world who know what they are,” Bendis added, saying that they were keeping the twist ending a secret from even some of the artists drawing the story. “After Bryan Hitch comes in, something happens in the story,” the writer added noting that the change would necessitate Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco.

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