Marvel Announces “First X-Men” By Neil Adams and Christos Gage


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1699:]]Marvel held a “Next Big Thing” conference call earlier today where they announded Neil Adams and Christos Gage on First X-Men.

First X-Men is a five issue series set for a August release that sees Adams on as artist and writer, with Christos Gage doing the scripts.

Here’s some excerpts from the live blog, which you can read below in its entirety.

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“At the beginning, Stan and Jack were experimenting. You had Professor X, bald and in a wheelchair. These strange kids already in costume. It seems to me like this was not the beginning of the story, but the middle.” -Neal Adams

Of all the mutants on Earth, Professor X could easily pass as a human. Why would he want to get involved in this? Maybe all this was going on before Professor X was Professor X…when Professor X was a teenager. Maybe mutant kids were getting abused by the military, by the government. Somebody would have been looking out for them, but maybe that person came to Charles Xavier, realizing he couldn’t protect these kids. That was my pitch.” -Neal Adams

“It was the perfect marriage of creator and character that we knew fans would go nuts for.” – [Marvel Editor] Nick Lowe on Neal’s pitch

“It takes place before the original X-Men and at a time when the government was snatching mutants up and doing scary things to them. Logan notices this and thinks somebody needs to look out for them. He recruits Sabretooth, who asks ‘Why?’ and so he pays him. Professor Xavier is a young man studying at Oxford, who’s engaged and wants nothing to do with this.” -Christos Gage on First X-Men

“They recruit this guy Erik Lensherr who is out there killing Nazis…” -Christos Gage

“Get out of my house! You look like a werewolf!” -Neal Adams on Professor X’s reaction to Logan’s attempt to recruit him

“This is firmly set in continuity. This is not a What If. This is canon. This is key to Wolverine’s history and his relationships with other characters. This will answer questions that have been out there for decades.” -Nick Lowe

“We wanted this to be something you could hand to somebody who just saw the X-Men movies and they’d enjoy it as a good X-Men story. At the same time, for giant nerds like me, FBI agent Fred Duncan from the early stories is in there, and when Professor X talks about his brother you know it’s Juggernaut.” -Christos Gage

Marvel Announces “First X-Men” By Neil Adams and Christos GageMarvel Announces “First X-Men” By Neil Adams and Christos Gage