Mark Millar’s Supercrooks Prequel Announcement Trailer


Check out an announcement trailer for Mark Millar’s prequel to Supercrooks that can be found in the March issue of CLiNT! Magazine.

Millar and Leinil Francis Yu are the creators behind Supercrooks, which sees a bunch of villains leave for Spain to perform one last big heist.

After all, why stay where the actual heroes are there to stop them?!

Here’s some info from the YouTube Page:

Mark Millar has written an all-new, in-continuity lead-in to his hotly anticipated new series SUPERCROOKS, to run exclusively in CLiNT! Make sure you read this before you pick up #1!

CLiNT will run the lead-in feature written by Millar in CLiNT #15, on-sale March 28, 2012.

Retailers can order CLiNT #15 NOW from the January issue of PREVIEWS.

CLiNT #15 will be available at comic stores and newsstands on March 28, 2012 US, 29 March 2011 UK, priced $6.99/£4.25

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