One More Big Man of Steel Easter Egg Everyone Missed?



I’ll admit, I only noticed two Easter Eggs in the Man of Steel, of which there are a bunch.

Spoilers follow.

I noticed the two LexCorp trucks getting demolished in the battle, as well as the open pod in the Fortess of Solitude, perhaps referencing Supergirl from the prequel comic book that was written by David Goyer, Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder, that Deborah Snyder hinted at.

I sort of saw the Wayne Enterprises Easter Egg on the Satellite, though it was really quick.

And that’s all I saw.

I know from the trailers that there is the Lexcorp building in the skyline, as well as the Booster Gold reference with “Blaze Comics” on a billboard.

There are also a bunch of Man of Steel Easter Eggs in Smallville as some of the businesses reference Superman lore, such as Ezra’s Mail Depot, the Chloe Sullivan reference with Sullivan’s Tractor Repair, and the Superman editor Mort Weisinger elementary school reference.

Metropolis has one as well that I missed with Utopia Casino, who’s owner is responsible for introducing Kryptonite to Metropolis (though Snyder seemed to laugh at using the rock in the movie).

Goyer also said Star Labs was mentioned at some point.

However, I’m actually told by a friend who saw the Man of Steel a second time that there are more.

I was told there are three LexCorp Easter Eggs (two trucks and skyline? or one more?)

And get this — there are TWO Wayne Enterprises Easter Eggs.

We know of the satellite as Zack Snyder mentioned it as a nod to Christopher Nolan, but the other? No idea.

I’m waiting to hear back, but feel free to comment below if you know of the second Wayne Enterprises Easter Egg in the Man of Steel or any others not mentioned above.

Update: Here is another: The Carrie Farris character, which could be a nod to Carol Farris From Green Lantern.

Update #2: “Trident” mentioned as possibly being related to Aquaman, along with a pair of whales. See the comments below for more possibities.

Update #3: WGBS News Easter Egg image



The Wayne Enterprises Satellite logo is said to look like the following, which is the same from Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. Again, Snyder said it’s more of a nod to Nolan, and not meaning Man of Steel shares the same universe as the Christian Bale Batman, of which David Goyer just touched upon.