Man of Steel Opens Second Biggest For Non-Sequels With Over $56 Million



The super news continues for Warner Bros. as the Man of Steel opened Friday to $44.1 million, and adding the $12 million Walmart advanced screening on Thursday, gives the movie just over $56 million making it the #2 best performing non-sequel opening ever, right behind The Hunger Games ($67.3 million).

It’s also the best performing superhero origins movie for Friday as well.

It’s currently estimated that Man of Steel will open in the U.S. with upwards of $100-125 million, and should reach $200 million by the end of the weekend, worldwide.

For comparison, the Superman Returns opening day saw $18 million.

While critics reviews for the new Zack Snyder film seem to be mixed, fan response seems to be overwhelmingly positive (82% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes) as Snyder and Goyer have provided an in-depth story with tons of action, something the previous Superman movie lacked, with note of “super punches,” of which Man of Steel contains a plethora.

Man of Steel also seems to be a movie that fans are mentioning they are going to see a second time as the film contains lots of hidden Easter Eggs, as well as the movie is considered much different than the previous versions.

Man of Steel is currently in theaters.

(numbers via Box Office Mojo and THR)