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Man Of Steel Blu-Ray Site Features LexCorp, Post-Movie Details & More

Man Of Steel Blu-Ray Site Features LexCorp, Post-Movie Details & More


A new viral site for the Man of Steel Blu-Ray offers some information about the history of the Kryptonians with LexCorp involved as well as the U.S. Air Force.

The site, LearnAboutKrypton, is set up as a documentary giving the user the ability to choose different videos and images about Krypton.

We see there is knowledge about Krypton which suggests following Man of Steel, the U.S. Government heavily invested into researching Krypton. LexCorp provides artist renderings of the destroyed Black Zero and World Mind ships. In addition, the weaponry of the Kyrptonians has also been extensively studied.

There is also a bit of extra footage from Man of Steel provided by some found-footage as well as the U.S. armed forces in the Battle of Smallville.

Below you can check out some images from the site as well as video featuring the Kryptonian Aviation and Arsenal. The Aviation video features LexCorps.

This could give clues as to the direction Batman Vs. Superman will go with LexCorps and Lex Luthor being the savior of Metropolis while Superman looks like the hostile invading alien.

Zack Snyder also announced a QnA hosted by Kevin Smith with himself, Amy Adams and Henry Cavill will be held on November 9th.

The Man of Steel Blu-Ray gets released November 12th and can be purchased through Amazon at a discount.