Man of Steel 2 Green Lit With Zack Snyder & David Goyer; Justice League Movie Part Of The Deal; Nolan To Be Involved


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:8610:]]With only a couple days before the Man of Steel movie debut we hear not only word about the sequel being green lit, but the Justice League movie as well.

It’s reported by Deadline that Zack Snyder and David Goyer will be back for the Man of Steel sequel, with Goyer having a “huge 3-picture deal” which includes the Justice League movie.

It’s also reported that Christopher Nolan’s role in the upcoming movies will not be “as full blown” which suggests The Dark Knight Trilogy director will be involved, but just in what capacity remains to be seen.

It’s previously been rumored that Nolan would “grandfather” the DC shared movie universe, which could simply be an advisory role, much like he did with Goyer’s Man of Steel script.

Certainly having Nolan’s name attached to anything couldn’t hurt.

It’s also unknown which movie will come first: Man of Steel 2 or Justice League, though the new Superman sequel is reported to be fast tracked and on firm footing.

Recently, both Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill suggested they would like more Superman; however, David Goyer just “put The Avengers on notice” and stated he would like a Justice League film.

An official announcement from Warner Bros. is expected at this Summer’s Comic-Con in July.

Man of Steel hits June 14th.