Man of Steel 2 To Deal With All The Destruction Says Zack Snyder



With Man of Steel reaching over $400 million worldwide, talk continues about its sequel.

This time we here from the man behind the new Superman movie as Zack Snyder gives us a couple of tidbits about Man of Steel 2.

While Snyder doesn’t address it, it seems some fans were rather upset with all the on-screen destruction, as Superman taking on a super villain obviously doesn’t register that it would equal super destruction with them (is our best guess).

Snyder says that he is excited to sit down with the studio to talk Man of Steel 2, and that the sequel will deal with the fact that the world was almost destroyed.

“We almost destroyed the world last time, now what!?” Snyder responded when asked by MovieHole about the questions to be answered the next time out.

Of course, one answer could be that the world heroes need to unite against such a threat, meaning a Justice League movie.

“I really wanted to expand the DC Universe and I really wanted to make sure, in Superman’s world, that all that is a possibility,” Snyder says when mention of the Batman Easter Egg was made and if Man of Steel leads into Justice League.

And Snyder says he has awesome plans for what’s to come.

“I haven’t yet gotten to speak to the studio about all these awesome details,” he said. “So my hope is, when I get home I can sit down with everyone and it’ll be like ‘Okay, so what are we going to do?’ We need to do something.”

Man of Steel is currently in theaters.