Major Marvel Cosmic Death In New Avengers #8 (Spoilers)



Spoiler pic below for New Avengers #8 that features the death of a major Marvel Cosmic character.

Spoilers follow.

NEW AVENGERS #8 (Solicit)
• As casualties pile up in the ongoing war between Wakanda and Atlantis, an Illuminati member is forced to make a hard choice.
• An Inhuman learns of the Illuminati’s plans.
• Prelude to INFINITY: Everything falls apart.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99


This week’s New Avengers #8 sees the death of – the Living Tribunal!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Living Tribunal overseas the multiverse, the most powerful Marvel Comics character sans The One Above All i.e. the Editor.

So who could have done this to The Living Tribunal?!

Gotta be someone outside the Multiverse, from the Omniverse?

Unless LT took its own life.

This perhaps also explains what is currently going on in Marvel 616 with the return of the Star Brand (LT Banned it) as well as Galactus invading the Ultimate Universe (The Hunger).

Theories anyone?