Lex Luthor, Sinestro & Black Adam Are The Unholy Trinity For Villains Month Forever Evil Says Geoff Johns



The DC Comics mega event, Villains Month, kicks off in September with Forever Evil.

The Justice League are presumed dead with a band of villains taking over to rule the world.

Cosmic Book News recently spoke with writer Michael Alan Nelson about the brand new Cyborg Superman (spoiler!), and Supergirl.

Now Geoff Johns gives an update to CBR mentioning the trio of unlikely allies with Lex Luthor, Sinestro and Black Adam – the “Unholy Trinity” of the event.

In the first scene they were [in] together when Lex is talking about some things he wants done, both Black Adam and Sinestro are going to start to agree on a lot of philosophical things, and suddenly they just realize they both think the same, in a bizarre way. I never thought they would! They get along, which I never expected.

However, not everyone will get along as Johns says two villains in particular will butt heads.

Captain Cold and Black Manta don’t really mix. It’s fun to see those villains come together and unite to do something kind of heroic in a bizarre way.

Forever Evil and Villains Month are not just about a group of villains coming together, but these Earth villains will be going up against another Earth’s team of villains.

Johns previously let a batch of spoilers loose in that Forever Evil will also feature the bad guy versions of the Justice League with The Crime Syndicate.

Forever Evil #1 hits September 4th.