Leaked: Russo Bros. Offered Avengers 3 & 4; Could Produce Spider-Man



The leaks continue at Sony as a result of a series of hacks.

It recently became known that Marvel wanted Spider-Man to come home and be featured in Captain America 3.

Now, further insights into the potential deal are made known through additional e-mails.

The Brazilian website, Overtice.com, managed to get ahold of a series of e-mails and exchanges from co-chairman of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal.



Pascal had communications with the Russo Bros., who directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and are directing Captain America: Civil War for Marvel Studios.

The e-mails reveal that the Russo Bros. are likely to direct The Avengers Infinity War: Part 1 and Part 2, and they assured Pascal that regardless what happens with The Avenger 3 – Part 1 and 2, they are still going to direct the Gray Man movie for Sony, in which they want Robert Downey Jr. to star.

Another e-mail reveals that Joe Russo told Pascal they can produce Spider-Man as a result of a new contract. It’s unclear if the Russo’s would be working independent of Marvel or for both Marvel and Sony.


Venom, Sam Raimi, Sinister Six, Jeff Robinov

Pascal also talks about the future of Spider-Man at Sony where e-mails reveal the state of the franchise is up in the air.

Spider-Man producer Avi Arad asked Pascal to greenlight the Venom movie based on sales and promotion of the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes line, which prominently features the character.

In an update on an earlier report about Sony asking Sam Raimi for assistance, the new e-mails reveal that Raimi has had talks with Sony about Spider-Man.  Pascal also remarked that while Raimi did a great job with his first two Spider-Man movies, she compared Raimi to “Joel Schumacher” with the third.

Another interesting conversation is revealed with the former head of Warner Bros. movie studios, Jeff Robinov, who was behind The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, and is now with Sony. Robinov seems pretty adamant that Pascal and Sony not make a deal with Marvel.

“You can’t go back to Marvel,” Robinov is quoted as saying.

The exchange continues with Pascal revealing just how unsure she is with Sony’s Spider-Man plans as she responds, “I’m worried Sinister Six might not be the right [way to go],” and, “I just have the Spider-Man universe and not the Marvel universe.”

Pascal then asks Robinov for further help, with Robinov actually recommending Stan Lee or someone else in the industry with credibility and knowledge of Spider-Man.

“Can you help me figure it out tomorrow? Unless I make the partnership with Marvel and Spider-man to join their world, I’m running out of options,” Pascal said.

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