Laura Vandervoort on ABC’s “V” and Smallville series finale


picToronto, Ontario actress Laura Vandervoort spoke with the Toronto Star on portraying the two alien beauties, Lisa in ABC’s alien sci-fi invasion “V” and Supergirl in Smallville.

Vandervoort mentioned the cast of “V” will find out in May if the series is picked up for a third season. The season finale of “V” hits next Tuesday with original “V” actor Marc Singer returning in a different role as a high government ops rebel.

She told the Star, “We know it’s a strong show, so we’re pretty confident . . . fingers crossed.”

Regarding Smallville, Vandervoot states how she already said good-bye to the cast and crew three times. She feels, this time, fans will be happy and teases what we will see from Supergirl in the show’s finale.

“I return in a particular way or I’m found . . . uh, yeah. I can’t really say anything. I just can’t say. I’ll get in so much trouble,” she said.

The Star notes that both characters, Lisa and Supergirl, were originally written to be one-and-done characters; however each time, Vandervoort’s characters were brought back for more episodes. Most likley a testament to Vandervoot’s acting and – lets’ not kid ourselves – “other attributes,” the shows producers found a way to give her more to do.

“I enjoy playing women who have layers and who are constantly . . . both Kara and Lisa are constantly thinking, constantly trying to come up with plans and dissecting people,” stated Vandervoort.

Tune in Tuesday March 15th to watch the season finale to ABC’s VMother’s Day” and Friday May 13th for the series finale of Smallville on the CW.