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Lake Bell Wants To Play Wonder Woman


As word spreads about Warner Bros. moving forward with their slate of super hero films, which in addition to Superman looks to include the Justice League movie, expect more and more news about actors being attached to the iconic roles.

If WB does indeed green light Justice League, that would mean Wonder Woman would finally make it to the big screen.

Now an actress who previously stated she would be interested, has said so again.

Lake Bell previously made it known that she would like to play Wonder Woman.

Now with talk about the Justice League movie and subsequent superhero films, Bell is asked by NextMovie if she is still interested in playing the Amazonian Princess.

“That is a secret dream of mine,” she said. “It’s totally a fantasy to be a superhero and to kick some f**kin’ ass.”

“I think growing up I thought she was the most remarkable person ever,” Bell said of what she likes about Wonder Woman. “So it’s more nostalgia than anything else.”