Kristin Kreuk Joins NBC’s 17th Precinct



I wondered what became of Smallville’s Lana Lang, and seeing how she is the only cast member not to be returning in the season finale, I figured she was up to something (I think she did a Street-Fighter movie?).

TVLine reports that Kristin Kreuk has joined NBC and Ron Moore’s sci-fi series 17th Precinct.

17th Precinct has an interesting ensemble of cast members as Moore has brought his Battlestar Galactica actors along for the ride, as well.

TVLine tells us that Kreuk will guest-star in the first episode as Susan Longstreet (wife to BSG’s Jamie Bamber’s character) and if NBC decides to keep the series, she will most likely return.

“Set in the fictional town of Excelsior, where magic and supernatural elements rule over science, 17th Precinct revolves around the lawmen at the local cop shop.”

Sounds worth checking out as I like all the cast members and the premise sounds interesting – can’t be any worse than The Cape and Wonder Woman.