Kevin Feige Explains Why We Loved Marvel Cosmic Era Annihilation



With the recent announcement about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, many viewers of The Avengers movie have been scratching their heads wondering just who the heck these guys are.

Not only that, but also why?!

Of course, we here at Cosmic Book News know why Marvel Studios is going forth with a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, to quote another favorite of ours, Doctor Who, — they are cool!

It’s basically Star Wars with Marvel comic book characters!

While we know the particulars about the characters, why did Marvel Studios president and producer, Kevin Feige, green light the project?


Turns out, the reason is why many of the Marvel Cosmic comic book fans liked the Annihilation era of Marvel — it’s set in space and the heck away from the Avengers.

In an interview with the Japanese blog, Nifty, Feige says that’s the exact reason, he wanted a movie set in space and not tied to The Avengers characters.

Feige says (translated) that he “wants to make it in a world not connected to The Avengers.”

And that’s exactly what Marvel Cosmic comic book fans got with the likes of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s run on both Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova — and also the reason it was so darn good, most likely because it wasn’t tied down to editorial mandates which have led to Marvel’s Avengers and X-Men comic books becoming so dull and stale the last few years.

Abnett and Lanning, under the editorial leadership of Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann, were basically allowed to go off in any direction they wanted. While I can only speculate that the head honchos of Marvel really didn’t think too highly of these types of stories (Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada has gone on record stating he’s not a fan), this freedom is the exact reason the Guardians of the Galaxy movie has come about. 

Kevin Feige obviously took notice to not only the characters, but also the story — it’s obviously based on DnA’s run (at least the look), with word that The Thanos Imperative may even come into play.


Getting back to the comic book side of things, while it’s true in part that Marvel Cosmic fans may have wanted both Nova and the Guardians connected to the Avengers universe to help bolster sales – and guarantee their favorite comics “safe” – they sure as heck didn’t want Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy cancelled and given to the aforementioned Avengers writer – that would be Brian Michael Bendis – as well as Jeph Loeb, who comes with a fair amount of controversy as well.

What Marvel Cosmic fans wanted was a Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy connected to the Avengers books with that same bit of freedom — not having an editorial mandate to eliminate the character because he’s dubbed too powerful. Eh, Nova fans?

But instead Marvel editorial has chose to go in the opposite direction of Abentt and Lanning’s run, eliminating Nova and giving us an Avengers Assemble Guardians of the Galaxy somewhat(?) in continuity.

At least Kevin Feige can get it right.