Justin Bieber as Robin In Batman Vs. Superman Causes The Internet To Explode



If you thought the online reaction to Ben Affleck as Batman caused the internet to explode, the recent news that Justin Bieber may be playing Robin may look like a nuclear bomb just went off in comparison.

Earlier, Justin Bieber released an image of himself with a Batman Vs. Superman script adding “Robin” on his Instagram account, which is closing in on 400,000 likes.

Fans have already taken to the various social networks responding to the Justin Bieber as Robin potential casting.

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On the Cosmic Book News Facebook page, a few of our 20,000 plus fans write:

The scariest thing to happen on a Friday the 13th

I will boycott the movie

They really want this movie to fail.

F–k no , this douchebags a piece of sh-t . F–k you execs , your gonna F–k this movie up.

DC is all ‘Hey check this sh-t out!’ And Marvels just sitting there, laughing

Only if Joker murders him with a crowbar in the first 5 seconds of the movie…

Because all the Affleck hate just wasn’t enough. .

Likewise on Twitter, the “Beliebers” are supporting their favorite singer:

Update: Justin Bieber As Robin May Not Be True: Funny or Die Stunt