Justice League Movie Still In The Works: Watch A Wonder Woman Fan Viral Short


Stunt-veteran-turned-director Jesse V. Johnson put together the following viral short of Wonder Woman to show off what he can do.

While technically a “fan film,” this route worked for the likes of Mortal Kombat‘s Kevin Tancharoen and Y The Last Man‘s Dan Trachtenberg.

Johnson put up the cash and called in a couple favors to get the short done as it stars Danish singer Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman and Peter Stormare and Sons Of Anarchy‘s Timothy V. Murphy as Nazis.

Deadline notes that Hollywood’s been attempting to do something with Wonder Woman for sometime, including the defunct NBC series as well as – hopefully – CW’s upcoming Amazon, and in their coverage stated “Meanwhile Warner Bros.’ Justice League pic is still in the works.”

A previous rumor trashed Will Beall’s script with it said the Justice League movie may not be going forward.

Earlier today it also came out that Beall had signed on to do two more movies with Warner Bros. — “blindly.”

Here’s the video, a little over 2 minutes in lenth.