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Justice League Movie Script To Be Re-Written? Said To Be Scrapped

Justice League Movie Script To Be Re-Written? Said To Be Scrapped

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5525:]]A report has it that Warner Bros. is scrapping the Justice League movie script that was written by Will Beall.

Bad a– Digest says they have it from multiple sources that say the script is “terrible,” and that other sources say the Justice League movie “is going to fall apart and never happen.”

Still, other sources are stating to BAD that Warner Bros. will keep moving forward, and it’s also stated that studio executives keep changing their mind in regards to the characters involved in the movie.

They also state the Justice League movie seems unlikely to get a 2015 release.

Some of the information coincides with our own DC Entertainment source who first told us a certain set of characters were involved, and then later it came out that there would be five core members featured with possible cameos by others.

Our source was also the first to state that the movie might be delayed until 2016.

Regarding Will Beall’s script, it was also rumored that Darkseid was the villain. Could WB have changed their mind due to The Avengers 2 featuring Thanos?

Another second source told us that the Justice League movie will feature Starro as the villain.

Regardless what’s what – as it’s all rumor – it does seem that Warner Bros. is unsure of the Justice League movie.

We previously heard reports that the Justice League movie is waiting on the Man of Steel. If the new Superman movie is going to be a success, then by all accounts JL is a go. And I’m hearing Man of Steel is going to be big.

There may be other added factors surrounding the Justice League movie; a new Warner Bros. CEO was just named, and there has even been mention that Thomas Tull of Legendary Entertainment may be going elsewhere. Tull’s Legendary helped finance Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy as well as the Man of Steel. Is/was Tull onboard for Justice League?

Another factor may be that Gangster Squad – written by Beall – wasn’t such a hit, and Warner Bros. may not want that stigma attached to Justice League.

Still another factor that I can think of – and a positive one – is that a director may have been found who didn’t like the script and wants to re-write it. It wouldn’t be unheard of for a director to come onboard a movie and throw out the script and get a new writer.

We’re actually told Zack Snyder might be offered a lucrative deal for the Justice League movie, and Snyder brought in his 300 screenwriter to do re-writes on the David Goyer and Christopher Nolan Man of Steel script.

We were also told that Beall’s Justice League movie script didn’t use the Superman from the Man of Steel and that David Goyer was coming on to rewrite those parts. 

Perhaps WB wants to re-write the script to be more part of an established universe, which we were told back last June that the Man of Steel was spearheading.