Justice League Movie To Be Directed By The Wachowski’s Of Matrix and Cloud Atlas Fame?


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:2745:]]With apparently Ben Affleck out of the picture, it’s being reported online that the Wachowski’s are the next contenders to direct the Justice League movie.

Reportedly, Warner Bros. is very happy with their epic sci-fi movie, Cloud Atlas, that the Wachowski’s have jumped to the top of the short list, reports MovieHole.

Of course, the Wachowski’s are known for the Matrix Trilogy, so they would be no stranger to helming super powered individuals.

And they are no stranger to comic book films as well, having adapted Alan Moore’s graphic novel, V For Vendetta.

While they also did direct Speed Racer, three out of four (assuming Cloud Atlas is a hit) ain’t too shabby.

Keeping track, the Wachowski’s would be the fourth choice by Warner Bros. to direct the Justice League movie.

The first pick was Christopher Nolan who bowed out citing he didn’t want super hero movies anymore; then there was David Yates (Harry Potter) who was wanted to helm, but is apparently taking on Tarzan; next up was Ben Affleck who said he is not directing, and now we have the Wachowski’s.

Do you think the Wachowski’s would be a good fit with Justice League movie?

I wonder if it’s been offered to Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, seeing how the new Superman movie is going to lead into the Justice League movie?