Justice League #7: Gena Ha To Draw; Features Shazam Back-up w/Gary Frank


I instantly became a fan of Gene Ha with Flashpoint: Project Superman, so this is great news to me.

DC announced that Gene Ha will be drawing Justice League #7, and provided the following first look. Ha also recently did some pages in Action Comics #3.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 will also feature the first appearance of Shazam in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. THE CURSE OF SHAZAM will unfold as a backup series in the LEAGUE monthly, written by New York Times bestselling author Geoff Johns and illustrated by acclaimed artist Gary Frank. The back up feature  will reveal an all-new origin for the character.
The main story of JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 serves as the prologue to “The Villain’s Journey,” a new, present day story arc which will pick up with the return of the regular series artist Jim Lee in issue #9. In the meantime, we’ve got a first look at Ha¹s take on the team.


DC Comics Justice League #7 DC Comics Justice League #7 DC Comics Justice League #7