Justice League #23 Last Page Spoiler: Trinity War Conclusion


First spoiled by DC a couple weeks ago, they now have gone and done it again on their Facebook page by posting the last page spoiler to Justice League #23, the conclusion to Trinity War.

If you haven’t been following the news or purchased the issue this past Wednesday, DC posted the big reveal earlier today.

Revealed as the big bads of Trinity War as well as Forever Evil and leading into Villains Month is (drum roll, please)…

The Crime Syndicate!

Members include: Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, and Deathstorm (Johns released further details).

Looks like Villains Month will be more an anti-hero month as Luthor and his crew are set to take on The Crime Syndicate while the Justice League is out of action.

In addition to Forever Evil and Villains Month which starts next week, DC also revealed that the JLA heads north and becomes Justice League Canada by Jeff Lemire due out Spring 2014.

Here is the last page spoiler for Justice League #23: