Joe Quesada on Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy Hiatus



Courtesy from our friends over at CBR, the latest Cup ‘O Joe has EIC Joe Quesada responding to a fan’s question on the “hiatus” of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy:

Kiel Phegley: Following along, pblimp360 brought the board discussion back to the frequent topic of sales and cancelations, saying, “What’s up Joe? This is my first time ever writing to you…Or anyone for that matter. My question is about cancellation. In particular, the rumored cancellation of some of the best books Marvel as a whole has to offer: ‘Nova’ and ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy.’ After reading the interview from DnA and Rosemann, we were informed that ‘Nova’ and the ‘GotG’ would be going on a hiatus while the ‘Thanos Imperative’ mini was going, setting up the no doubt soon to be excellent next cosmic event. The issue is in Rosemann’s words about cash strapped fans, and led many to your words about voting with our wallets, as well as the patterns that led to the cancellation of ‘The Immortal Iron Fist’ and ‘Ghost Rider.’ Set up an event and see how well that sells, to determine if the books should continue. I understand that it’s a business to make money, but the nature of this business is also to please fans. And canceling out on “Nova” or the “GotG” would be a slap to the fans faces who have stuck by you all and mostly DnA all this time.

I’m asking you, is this mini set up to determine DnA’s future with “Nova” and the “GotG,” and is this Marvel’s official model on continuing any sales plagued book?”

Joe Quesada: There’s no official model for saving sales plagued book, pblimp360, and in this case the sales on both of these books were not the main factors in what’s going on and what lies ahead in their futures. You need to read “Thanos Initiative” and then stick around for some surprises towards the end of the year (or perhaps 2011). But, what I can say is that regardless of what may have in the immediate future, we have some huge plans for the world of Marvel Cosmic. Trust me on this one, I wish I could say more, but it’s big, big BIG. It may just not seem that way at first blush, but there is a plan.

BWA-HA HA- – ah, you get the picture.

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