Jonathan Hickman Leaving Fantastic Four At End Of Year


At the recent Image Expo, Jonathan Hickman told iFanboy that he will be leaving Fantastic Four at the end of the year.

Update: Marvel revealed that Hickman will depart both FF books in October.

In addition, Hickman will also be finishing up with SHIELD as well as Ultimates.

Hickman does have two new Image Comics coming out, Manhattan Projects followed by Secret, which Hickman talks about in the video below.

Jonathan Hickman came onboard Fantastic Four with issue #570 that saw the introduction of plot lines that are still taking place in recent issues including Fantastic Four #603 as well as FF #15.

Just recently Hickman even commented that fans of Marvel Cosmic will be happy in the coming year.

No further information is known about who will be taking over the reigns of Fantastic Four or even what’s next for Hickman at Marvel. Seeing how Hickman is one of the Marvel “Architects” we have to assume he is not leaving, but being placed on something else, perhaps after Avengers Vs. X-Men concludes.

(Via Bleeding Cool)