John Barrowman’s Identity Revealed On “Arrow” – It’s Not Bruce Wayne (Spoilers)


Last night on CW’s Arrow not only saw the debut of The Huntress, but also the reveal of just who exactly is John Barrowman.

And it ain’t Bruce Wayne.

When Barrowman’s character was first announced, speculation hit the net that he might be playing Bruce Wayne — Batman.

Sure, wishful thinking, but maybe would have worked.

Last night’s episode saw Tommy Merlyn, Oliver’s best buddy, having dinner with Dinah; however, when he went to pay, his credit card was turned down and confiscated.

Well, Tommy’s Trust Fund also got cut off, so what’s he supposed to do without money?

Why, confront whoever cut if off, of course — his father!

John Barrowman is Tommy Meryln’s father on Arrow.

From that, we can also put it together that Barrowman is the DC Comics bad guy — Merlyn!

The CW just released a new batch of photos revealing a black-garbed archer, and we do see in last night’s episode that Barrowman was fencing, so he’s not without some kind of skill.

There is also the fact that while Dinah and Tommy were having dinner, she called him “Merlyn,” and then this scene followed.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the CW.