Op-Ed: Joe Quesada Promoting New Nova Ultimate Spider-Man; Where Was This Before?

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You know something?

It would have been nice if Marvel actually promoted Nova like this before we got this new Nova.

Kind of ticks me off to be honest.

When Marvel’s Civil War exploded on the the scene there was a smaller event going on as well with Annihilation.

This saw Marvel’s cosmic characters come together in an epic universe spanning event.

Annihilation has actually been toted as being better than Civil War, and again, it came with none of the exposure (if you are a Mass Effect 3 fan, which just sold almost 900,000 copies in one day, you will love Annihilation).

After the main Annihilation series ended, a new book was launched — Nova. Richard Rider was the hero that saved the day from the invading leader of the Negative Zone, Annihilus. From there, Marvel Cosmic continued with Annihilation Conquest and the launch of a second book in the line — Guardians of the Galaxy.

For some odd reason, none of these characters would appear in Marvel’s big events, including the COSMIC event, Secret Invasion, or any other that followed. When Fear Itself was described as being the “biggest” event ever (yes, just like AvX), none of the cosmic characters appeared. The headliners of the two cosmic books previously mentioned, Nova and Star-Lord, were extinguished during the fan-favorite hit event The Thanos Imperative, which saw better sales than the heavily hyped and promoted Chaos War, Thor movie tie-ins and Crossgen relaunch.

Of course, when Thanos Imperative went to Hard Cover, and rose to the top of the charts, this was a big surprise to those who run Marvel.

Well, now we have this new Nova, a Spider-Man in space with an attitude.

And Marvel is promoting the hell out of him.

This Nova is featured in Marvel’s biggest event since Civil War, Avengers Vs. X-Men, as well as being featured in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (via a new DLC costume), and is a big part of Disney XD’s upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

Speaking with the LA Times, Hero Complex, similar to Jeph Loeb, Quesada says, “I think my favorite character is going to be Nova. Nova is a character that will hopefully break out. He’s a lot of fun and sort of the yin to Peter Parker’s yang.”

I can only imagine what they are going to do with the new Guardians of the Galaxy.