Joe Maganiello Wants To Smash Henry Cavill’s Face In; Would Like Fight Club Of Superhero Movies (Video)



Previous to the rumor that Joe Maganiello is up for the Batman reboot, the actor recently discussed superhero movies at the recent Comic-Con.

MTV caught up with the actor where it was mentioned that Joe Maganiello was once up for Superman, with remarks about Henry Cavill stealing the trademark look of the beard.

With that, Joe Maganiello joked that he wanted to take the super man on, getting angry and asking where Henry Cavill is.

Joe continues with mention that he would like to do a superhero movie, but something different, akin to a Fight Club by turning the genre on its side.

Joe Maganiello currently stars in the popular HBO series True Blood, which was said as a possible interference for the Batman role, and the actor played Flash Thompson in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies.

Perhaps some day Magnaniello will get his wish as he does have the look of a villain. Metallo? Cyborg Superman? How about Parasite?

You can watch the video below for more featuring Joe Maganiello wanting to take on Henry Cavill and talk superhero movies.