JMS Says Babylon 5 Return Is Up To The Fans



Want Babylon 5 to return in some form?

Well, you better start making some noise!

Creator of Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski, took to his Twitter and Facebook accounts to offer up that if Babylon 5 is to ever return, the fans have to get behind it.

JMS lets it be known that a return for Babylon 5 is essentially out of his hands as he doesn’t own it, Warner Bros. does.

As Babylon 5 is currently not playing on Netflix, SyFy or the like, the series will “slide into obsecurity.”

Seems fans have been bugging JMS about Babylon 5 with the prolific writer offering the following:

To the online backinh and forthing…some hard facts. Because Babylon 5 isn’t on the air in the US anywhere, it’s impossible for the show to add new viewers except one at a time, friend to friend, or if you’ve heard about it enough to want to shell out the money for the DVDs. Casual viewers can’t stumble across it while channel surfing. (As we all know, after Trek was canceled for poor ratings, it found its audience in syndication.) So in answer to the photo below, either WB has to be convinced to release the show somewhere, or a network like Syfy or Chiller or another along those lines has to be prompted to pick it up. If not, quite honestly, and without any way to add new viewers, the show will eventually slide into obscurity. This ain’t something I can do, or even directly participate in. It’s up to the fans now.

There is no chance for a Babylon 5 kickstarter as well, as JMS again cites he doesn’t own it.

So it seems as if Babylon 5′s last best hope is…you.

(Via Blastr)