Jim Starlin Says A Big Announcement Is Coming



Possibly following the lead of Marvel EIC Axel Alonso, Jim Starlin has taken to his official Facebook page to state that a “big announcement [is] coming.”

It’s unknown if the Starlin announcement is directly related to Alonso’s own tease of a new Marvel Cosmic event, but the puzzle pieces seem to fit.

This past Friday saw Alonso answer a fan’s question about the possibility of a new Marvel Cosmic event done in the fashion of Annihilation, with Alonso stating to watch the My Cup O’Joe Panel that is taking place this Saturday at the New York Comic-Con.

Previous to that also saw Starlin mention he had a batch of Marvel Cosmic characters – including Annihilus – positioned for his next story following Thanos vs. Hulk.

Cosmic Book News is speculating the two are connected, and that Jim Starlin will be helming a new Marvel Cosmic event.

If the new Marvel Cosmic event is being done similar to the Annihilation books, expect a few mini-series leading up to the main core title. 

Of course it’s possible the new Marvel Cosmic event could be done in similar fashion to the other Marvel event books, such as a six issue series.