Jim Starlin Receives Fantastic Reproduction of Infinity Gauntlet



Below you can check out a cool photo of Jim Starlin with a reproduction of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Infinity Gauntlet was a huge cosmic event back in 1991 with George Perez and Ron Lim on art that saw all the Marvel heroes take on the Mad Titan Thanos who had aquired the Infinity Gems.

I remember the one tie-in which featured all the popular characters getting killed off (turned out to be a dream), but for me at the time the issue was cool as heck.

I still have promo art that was given out at comic shops for Infinity Gauntlet as well, and can actually remember the stack of issues sitting on the table at the LCS.

Other than Quasar, I didn’t know much about Marvel Cosmic, but the artwork and cover drew me in. I also recall being ticked at Starlin for killing off Quasar in the series when I thought the Protector of the Universe could have been better utilized (lol).

Great series.

Just received a fantastic reproduction of the Infinity Gauntlet from a very talented sculptor in the Philippines. He and I had exchanged messages some time back and he said he was going to send a copy off to me. It finally arrived yesterday. But now I can’t locate his message, to give him credit and a plug. I’ve got more than 5000 friends and regularly receive more messages than I can reply to. His identity is presently lost in the mess I call my Facebook. So if my currently-unknown benefactor (or someone who knows him) recognizes the piece, please let me know how I can contact him. I’m also going to get everyone (who worked on the Infinity Gauntlet) I can find at the Baltimore Comic Convention to sign a copy of the Infinity Gauntlet for him. Thanks.