Jim Starlin Has Three Thanos Projects In The Works



Marvel just announced Jim Starlin on an all-new original graphic novel with Thanos: The Infinity Revelation, and now it’s learned the legendary cosmic writer is on two more.

Jim Starlin posted the news about Thanos: The Infinity Revelation on his Facebook with the news he is working on two more Thanos projects.

 I’ve actually have three separate Thanos related projects in the works, including Thanos: The Infinity Revelation.

Not much information has been made known about The Infinity Revelation, but based on the costumes and the information that has come out, speculation online is leading to the series possibly taking place after DnA’s The Thanos Imperative (or possibly out of continuity).

Thanos will also be featured in next Summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Update: More preview pages and details have become known including the OGN is in continuity.