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Jeff Smith’s sci-fi noir “RASL” movie rights picked up

Jeff Smith’s sci-fi noir “RASL” movie rights picked up


The film rights to “RASL,” the black and white sci-fi noir comic book from Bone creator Jeff Smith, was picked up by Wingram Productions Deadline reports.

“RASL” sees Dr. Robert Joseph Johnson (RASL), an ex-military scientist turned thief, dimension hopping to steal various parallel dimension painting. His travels (note: not time traveling) lead him into dangerous scenarios with a covert government group and one peculiar assassin who hunts down his “women” (a prostitute named Annie) across the various dimensions. RASL has stolen important journal entries related to technology developed by Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Lionel Wingram, who helped write and produce Sherlock Holmes, heard about “RASL” from the associate producer on Sherlock Holmes, Peter Eskelsen.

Wingram, who will serve as producer on “RASL,” stated he bought the rights with his own money and hopes to turn it into a “big movie franchise for Warner Bros” with Eskelsen and Smith on as executive producers.